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St. Joseph's College - Anuradhapra

St. Joseph’s College, a premier school in Anuradhapura district, has been fulfilling its responsibility for nearly 125 years in providing education to more than 30,000 students and producing good citizens for the country. Our school is the only boys school in Anuradhapura with very friendly teachers dedicated to perfecting the knowledge, skills and attitude of the college students with “Duty First” as their motto.

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Qualified Teachers

Why study at St. Joseph's College?

LMS Facilities

Online resources for self-study are provided to our school's students through our learning management system.

Library Facilities

Our library has more than 20000 books written for a wide range of subjects including science, entertainment, and literature.

Qualified Teachers

Qualified teachers with good practice in the field of education are available for all subjects in our school.

Sport Facilities

Our school provides guidance for some world famous sports including cricket, rugby, football, chess and extracurricular activities like cadeting and scouting.

Swimming Pool Facilities

Our school has a top-class swimming pool facility dedicated to the sports activities of the school students.

Religious Observances Facilities

A school where all children work in harmony, we have facilities for Buddhist and Christian religious observances in our school.

Principals of St. Joseph's College

We Have Highly Qualified Principals with a Staff

M.W.A. Amarajeewa


E-Mail : info@sjc.lk
Phone : 025 22222 69

K.T.H. Gunasekara

Deputy Principal - Admin

E-Mail : info@sjc.lk
Phone : 025 22222 69

H.A.G. Madhu De Alwis

Deputy Principal - Planing

E-Mail : info@sjc.lk
Phone : 025 22222 69

P.K. Dissanayake

Deputy Principal

E-Mail : info@sjc.lk
Phone : 025 22222 69

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outsiders can meet the Principal only on Wednesdays. Emergency meetings may be held on other days upon notification by the Principal.
Character certificates, resignation certificates, examination certificates are issued from the office on Thursdays. For imperative reasons, prior notice is given and if the staff is capable, the relevant certificates can be obtained from the college.
No access to all for uploading photos. If you have photos of college, you can add them to our website by contacting the web team and give them to them.
If a week has passed since you were asked to be added to the Learning Management System and you still haven't been added to it, contact the web team.
You can use the system to check the validity of certificates on our website for that. You must have the relevant certificate for this.
Duty First
Love Your school
Love Your perents
Love Your Motherland
Our Mission is to have progress inknowledge, skills,competencies and broadening positive attidudes which can be utilized as well as by the student himself and applicable in global sence which produces an outcome of creative and moral personalities to the society in the process of effective learning and teaching.