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Hi Welcome.. This is the Official website of St.Joseph's College - Anuradhapura
     DUTY FIRST - Since 1898

The beginning of the college took place with the starting of local language school by father Dr. Bonjune on 1874. Afterward Rev. Henry Julian arch bishop of Jaffna has registered this as a government English school in 1898. It was named as St.Joseph’s college. The reason for this was, the church in Anuradhapura allocated for the St. Joseph’s. It was not the only reason. But all the other people, not only Christians, but also Hindu & Muslims were also encouraged about school.

In this time, North Central province has established by the Government by adjoining Anuradhpura & Polonnaru districts. Then Anuradhapura became the capital of North Central Province. This happened on 1873. But there were no English school in this area. But English was essential for administration. Therefore some people taught English for their children by accompanying teachers from Jaffna. Read more...
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     Our Mission is to have progress in knowledge, skills,competencies and broadening positive attidudes which can be utilized as well as by the student himself and applicable in global sence which produces an outcome of creative and moral personalities to the society in the process of effective learning and teaching. Read more >

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Young Computer Scientist Competition 2019 - Bronze Award - SANGEETH 12 - B
chess      FITIS, in association with Ministry of Education and the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) have come together to organize the 18th Young Computer Scientist Competition 2019 (YCS 2019). Sangeeth Hettiarachchi of grade 12 student of our school has won the bronze award in senior category. He developed a product call J-School pro v2.0 using java and MySql. He is young inovater since last 4 years.       Read more >
District Chess Tournament 2019
chess      Sri Lanka School's Chess Assosiation Anuradhapura DistritChess Tournament. St.Joseph's College has achieved maximum victories of boys events.       Read more >
All Island Dancing First Place 2018 - Theme "Ranabimak"
School day 120      The senior boys' drama group of St.Joseph's College, Anuradhapura has won the 1st place in the All Island drumming competetion on the theme of "Ranabimak" held on 2nd and 3rd, June 2018 at the audio visual unit in St.Joseph's college, Anuradhapura.
      The drumming group was trained by teachers, Mrs. G.K.Y. Nilmini and Mrs. P.J. Dissanayake.       Read more >
120th School day of St.Joseph's College - Anuradhapura - 2018
School day 120      The College Day of St.Joseph's College Anuradhapura was held in a grand scale to commomemorate the 120th Anniversary through out a week from 12th to 19th March 2018. The OBA organized several programmes such as, a blood donation campaign, a Kapruk pooja near Ruwanweliseya, Mapiya wandana, Deva Meheya in St.Joseph's church and all night preech encharnting ceremony with the help of the principal, the staff members and parents.       Read more >
Zonal Level Software Competetion - 1st Place - Pasindu Nilupul- 2017
Zonal ICT Champions     Pasindu Nilupul Abesinghe - grade 10-E won the 1 st place of Zonal Level Software Competetion 2017 conducted by Zonal Education Office Anuradhapura. Gimhan Maleesha also recived a certificate for his Dynamic website developed by using PHP and MySql. Pasindu has a sound knowledge about ICT and IOT. They are ready to participate National Level Software competetion in 2018 and We wish them success. St.Joseph's college now has achieved Zonal Level and National Level Awards for Software Developments.       Read more >
Sustainable School Development Programme - 2017
Big Match     The Sustainable school development programme has been successfully implemented in St. Josephs College Anuradhapura giving prominence to indigenous protecting natural resources in such a way and creating a balanced social surrounding under the direction of the Presidential Secretariat and the Ministry of Education.       Read more >
Vice Admiral Sirimewan Ranasinghe - 22nd Navy Commander of Sri Lanka
Big Match     A renowned an old boy of St.Joseph's college, Anuradhapura newly appointed, 22nd Navy Commander in the Democretic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka was warmly welcomed by the principal, staff members and students and old boys on the 13th of November at the school. We are proud of him and we wish all the best for him.      Read more >
Bronze Award - SLIIT CODEFEST - 2017 - Coding contest young programmers of SJC
Big Match     Young Java programmer, Shakthi Weerawansa (Grade 10) has won the bronze medal in coding contest of CodeFest 2017 competetion conducted by SLIIT. Shakthi is one of the best programmers who can write programs using java programming language. He developed a software product called "Virtual Teacher" And also Students can improve their knowledge very easily and funny way of using Virtual Teacher.      Read more >
Sirasa E-Thilina Computer Lab
Big Match     The E-SOFT organisation donated a computer lab with computers and furnitures under e-thilina project to develop the computer literacy of our students on July 18th 2017. Sirasa TV was the media sponsor of the project.      Read more >
Emeralds Vs Meroons Big Match. Winners 23.06.2017
Big Match     St.Joseph's college won the annual foot ball big match in 2017 agains to Central college Anuradhapura. The match was held on Prison ground Anuradhapura.
In 2nd half (35min) young talented player Navindu Shehan(Grade 11) score the winning goal and St.Joseph's college won the battle of Emeralds Vs Meroons big match.      Read more >
Students Parliment - Election of students - SJC - 21.06.2017
Students Parliment     St.Joseph's college students vote their friends to choose the members of SJS Parliment in last 21st of June in 7 poling divisions at the school. Mr. R.K.S. Katugampala, the principal of the school was the Commissioner of Election and all the sectional heads and teachers were contribute to success this event. All the students join together and place their vote to find parliment members of Students Parliment.
      Read more >
Divisional meet 2017 - Boys Champions.. Josephians...
Divisional Champions 2017     After 20 years Josephians won the divisional Boys Championship in 2017 Divisional Sport Meet - 2017.05.25.
  • First Places - 20
  • Secont Places - 17
  • Third Places - 9
Read more >
BMICH - ICT Inovation Exhibition - 2017 - MOE - Josephians Participation
Connecting Classroom     Dialog Axiata and Google Developer Group Sri Lanka, collaboration with the Information and Communication Technology Branch of the Ministry of Education has organized an ICT inovation exhibition for school students on 17th May 2017 at BMICH. 12 students were participated to this event. Read more >
AMADAHARA Vesak Bathi Gee Saraniya - 2017
Amadahara 2017     Marking the 2605th Sambudhathva Jayanthi, the St.Joseph's College in collaboration with students and staff, staged ‘Amadahara Vesak Bathi Gee Saraniya 2017’, on 10th May 2017 at the ‘Kada Panaha’ Open Stage, in Anuradhapura. Read more >
Kalani - 299 | Malwathu - 316| Manik - 335 | Mahaweli - 235 --- 16.02.2016 updated
Connecting Classroom     St.Josephs College's Sports Meet 2016 got under way at the School ground, Anuradhapura, on 14' th of Thuresday. As many as 2500 students from Kalani, Malwathu, Mahaweli, Manik houses are participating in the meet. The inauguration of the Sports Meet commenced with the traditional Olympic lamp by the school sport club. Read more >
Miss KATE JONES... Welcome to St.Joseph's College
Connecting Classroom     Last week 23rd November our partner teacher Miss Kate Jones from ELFED HIGH SCHOOL visited the college staed untill 30th November. Her visit shows the achivements of connecting classrooms programme. Hosting the UK teacher is done by the Co-Ordinating teachers of the English Unit. Connecting classroom programme is one of the successful co-curricular activities in the college. In 2012 school achived International school award and won the gold award for the best portfolio of the year. Read more >
News - St. Joseph's eastern band participated in Eastern Band Competition
     St. Joseph's eastern band participated in Eastern Band Competition held at Rantambe Cadet Camp.You all give lot of pride to the school. So it is because of you. The name of the school is shine among the stars. Dear josephians you have done well. So we wish you all the best. .. Read more >
News - St. Joseph’s College beat Central College by 7 wickets at Junior Battle of Rajarata.
     A long history of Big Match cricket was commenced between St. Joseph’s College and Central College for 15 years. These 15 matches built lasting friendship among the cricketers of the two Colleges. In the recent history due to various reasons students lost the fabulous experience of Big Matches. It is recommenced between the two Colleges in 2015 by organizing “Junior Battle of Rajarata” with Grade 7 Bilingual sections’ students. .. Read more >
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